Skin Chronicles

IMG_0610.jpgHey you beautiful souls! Welcome back to the Land of I Am Petite Latoya, and if this is your first visit WELCOME! Don’t be a stranger. Just to let you know, I Am Petite Latoya is a blog that strives to encourage and empower the budding fashionista.

Today I wanted to do a little skin talk. No this is not an ad. I’ve gotten some comments from you lovelies about my skin, and even questions about what I use on my skin. But, before I get into what I use, I wanted to give a little history concerning my skin. You probably wouldn’t have even guessed what I’m about to write. 

As a kid I struggled with severe eczema, and it was to the point that you wouldn’t have recognized me. There was always trips to the dermatologist for my occasional steroid shots, in which, they told my mom that could possibly hinder me from having children. My mom was always trying to come up with some way to help me calm the itchiness and thickness of the eczema.

I took baths in Clorox (yes the cleaner) and oatmeal. By the way, they were no fun at all. It even got to the point where my mom was using lard (Crisco) on my skin, because it helped with the removal of dead skin. We even tried aloe vera gel straight from the plant. I used to love taking trips to Chicago to visit my aunt and uncle, because the hard water and extra virgin olive oil helped with clearing up my skin. My eczema was so severe that kids did not want to play with me. They would make fun of me, and said that I had AIDS. Cruel little animals. So, it caused me to go into my little shell of insecurity for many years. Even after it cleared up.


So, to answer your questions. I use Aveeno, and have used it for 20+ years now. Pictured of some of the products I consistently use with Aveeno. There is no method that I use or daily routine. It just has been so effective on my skin, and I don’t trust anything else. The oatmeal baths I took were even with Aveeno. It has moisturized my skin better than anything else I’ve used, including Eucerin. You can’t tell from any pictures that I’ve posted that I deal with it, because I try to keep it under control.


Dermatologist recommends not to taking hot baths or showers, because it dries out your skin. I just can’t help it, I have to have my hot water. The kind that itches your back when you get in, lol. As a kid, I even had to cut out dairy. Now, it’s more stress than anything that causes my flare ups. So, if I can’t control something I don’t even worry about it. My skin is way more important than stressing over small things. Also, recently I’ve started using Simple Facial Wipes. I love how they make my skin and lips feel.


Those are my skin chronicles. I would love to hear what you use or any methods you recommend when taking care of your skin.

Until next time

xoxo Petite Latoya 💜

14 thoughts on “Skin Chronicles

  1. Living in Mommywood says:

    I love this share. I’ve recently noticed dark spots on my face and not because I’m picking at a pimple or anything it’s just out of no where. I use Coconut oil and Natural Shea Butter but still nothing. Recently bought two large Aloe leaves to cut daily and use the gel. Aveeno is a great product I think I may have to go that route too. Following 😁😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • iampetitelatoya says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by reading, sharing and following ❤️… It could also be from something your eating. Has anything changed in that area? But I have only Aveeno because that was all that worked for me. Let me know how it works out for you!


    • iampetitelatoya says:

      Thank you for reading! No one would have, after all the shots and remedies, I’m not looking back lol. You are absolutely correct, I get anxiety thinking about wanting to try something different, because you just never know how it could affect your skin. What do you use? Your skin looks amazing, too ❤️


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