Eyes for Fashion

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. ~2 Corinthians 4:18

IMG_0747Hey lovelies hope that each of you are having a wonderful and productive day. Well, we finally made it to the middle of the week. Just a couple of days until the weekend (yay). No big plans for me, I’ll be working and that’s ok. What do you lovelies have planned?

Today I wanted to talk about including your optic eyewear in your fashion. When I first started blogging I hardly came across any accounts where fashionistas wore glasses. Not just the fake glasses that looked real to be cute, but actually wearing their prescription glasses. One thing a fashionista can’t be is four eyed, NOT!! I’m a wearer of prescription glasses, and I rarely I mean rarely wear contacts. To be honest I still have boxes sitting in the closet now. My eyes get itchy at times, and I hate the process of removing them.

In some of my past pictures you would see me without them, because I thought that without them my pictures would look better. As you can see I’ve been more intentional in wearing them in my latest photos. Over time I realized that my glasses are apart of who I am. I wear them everyday! Though I took pictures without them, trust me when I say, I couldn’t see anything. Trying to fake it till I make it, lol. The choices we make because we think “it’s better” (smh).

So, how can you wear your  “SPECS” and still look good:

  1. Take advantage of your insurance. You’re paying for it already.  The frames for glasses are getting trendier and trendier each year. My eyesight hasn’t change, so every year I get a new pair, because I can switch them out to compliment what I wear daily.
  2. Know and experiment with what different hair styles work with the type of frames you have. For me I love my hair to be down, or wear my ,as my husband calls it, “fabulous bun”.
  3. Know what your style is, this helps when selecting the style of frames you want. Find out what your style is here.
  4. Also, when taking photos try holding the sides of your glasses. You can still do your normal poses, now you’ve included your eyewear in them.


Those are some of my tips for including your specs in your fashion. What are some tips you can share for my optic wearers? Drop a comment below.

Until next time

xoxo Petite Latoya πŸ’œ

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