Life Lately #Laneshiftahead

Good morning ladies and gents (if any stop by). Welcome back to the Petite Land of Latoya, and welcome to any of you that may be visiting today for the first time. I’m so glad to be back writing after a long much-needed break. I hope everyone has been slaying the year and their last quarter. Can’t wait to catch up!!

You know I sat in my bed wondering this morning about a nickname for my readers. Unfortunately, nothing came up for me haha. After that thought, it came to me that you don’t need a need nickname #nonicknameneeded. I just want you to be your beautiful selves.

Petite Latoya

So where have I been? Well, back in May my manager quit and I had to take up all that until a new one came. It became too much and I couldn’t keep up (palms face). The list could go on and on about the many problems I had, wanting to give up, feeling like I just couldn’t get it right. But the past is the past! I will not dwell on it! Plus, I Am Petite Latoya took a detour instead of making a lane shift. This blog is and will be a place for those wanting to get to know what their original fashion taste is, learning exactly what fashion is, learning to put together outfits, and for those transitioning in life. We get caught up on everything around us. I don’t care how many times it takes until you get it right, keep trying until you are where you want to be.

Have you ever drove down the road and all of a sudden see the construction sign LANE SHIFT AHEAD flashing. Of course, we always let out that loud sigh because we know what’s probably about to take place lol. Well, one day while riding it took on a whole new meaning for me. Over the last six months, my lane has shifted and I can’t even be mad. Actually, it was very much-needed for me.


The thing about the lane shift ahead is that you make the necessary changes to keep your lane even as it curves, gets narrow, and twists as you drive. In life the same thing applies, your lane may be shifting right now, but what are you doing to get through the adjustments that are taking place? There may be stops as you make your shift, but eventually you start moving again and will get to your destination.

You may be wondering why I’m coming back now at the end of year and not the beginning. PROCRASTINATION is real. Sometimes we place so much pressure on ourselves to get it right and to please others. But what is it that you want? I chose to come back now, and nothing is wrong with that. I’m happy about my decision.


I would love to hear from you! What kind of lane shifts have you been through now or have gone through during the year? And how has it helped you?

Until next time

xoxo Petite Latoya 💜

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